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  1. "If I'm not supposed to pet him, then why is he so soft?!"
  2. Super excited - my RPG-ADD will go wild with this game. Thank you @Doppelschwert for the calc post! I got the same number, but wasn't sure I had done it right - but I trust you.
  3. My vote is for an obsidian amulet that carries a curse (because black things must always carry a curse, right?). It would be fun to have the curse tie in somehow to their back-story as a pirate band, and possibly as bastards. Fluffle, you're awesome -- thanks for doing this.
  4. Just donated and voted, and wanted to throw in my 2 cents... I really like the idea of the B.I.B.'s being a more comical crew of "failed pirates" - some comedic diversion in the midst of a game that deals with some heavy topics. It would be funny to have them be so drunk all the time that they can't even speak straight, and have the PC be able to be "adopted" as an honorary member for his/her legendary ability to hold his/her liquor (if the Player so chooses). Thanks, Fluffle, for putting this together!
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