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  1. Hey! I'm the one with de black shirt and the goatee :D
  2. And when Portugal played against Mexico? Ricardo the best goal keeper? No way! The best keepers in the world are totally Edwin van der Sar, Petr Cech en Jens Lehmann.
  3. But Maradona was great this World Cup. He acted like a real supporter of Argentina. Not like all them old tards who refuses to cheer for their own country, because the feel themselves to important for it.
  4. Damn! Well, all my favorite teams are eliminated... And 3 of my 4 most hated teams made it into the semi-finals. This World Cup is doomed
  5. Yah, but when the penalty shoot-out started, I just knew that the Germans gonna win, because they have the penaly killer Jens Lehmann. He stopped two penalties and he was two times very very close. Funny movie: http://jaggle.nl/log/item.php?id=21681
  6. Well, that would be Denmark, Sweden and Spain as the most likely teams for the two places in the Euro 2008. And maybe Latvia because they managed two years ago to qualify for the last 16. But if Denmark wins against Sweden home and away, Qualifying shouldn't be that difficult. Besides, you have are new hero Kenneth Perez in the team We have to qualify in a group with Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Belarus and Albania. That shouldn't be that hard, I think. But if Edwin van der Sar retires, it can be very hard. Besides, we never play well against countries from East-Europe.
  7. Yah. Just like four years ago with Rivaldo. A player from Turkey shoots a ball against his leg, and he acts like he was hit in the face. RIVALDO....YOUR LEG IS NOT, I repeat, NOT YOUR FACE! And Henry....YOUR CHEST IS NOT, I repeat, NOT YOUR FACE. Maybe their nerve-system is so messed up, that they feel pain in their face when they got hit somewhere else.
  8. Uhm, you hope that Germany will win the World Cup? You're crazy! (Well maybe because us Dutchies always hope that the Germans will fail)
  9. Yah. France is really really horrible on this World Cup. They played like crap against Switserland, they played like crap against Korea and they played like crap against Togo. And with a little bit of luck they made it into the second round. Spain however played an excellent game against the Ukraine and although the game against Tunesia wasn't that good, Spain showed that they also can play very effective and have some great players left on the bench. The game against S-Arabia was horrible, but that one didn't count. For the first time I think that Spain can win the World Cup. I hope they
  10. Yeah. I still don't get it. That guy from Australia was lying on his back and the Italian decide to fall over him. And he gets a penalykick. Well almost all the referees on the World Cup are horrible. Really horrible. Well today Brazil against Ghana and Spain vs. France. I really hope that Ghana and Spain will win.
  11. Yeah. After Euro 2004 Jaap Stam retired from International football. He wanted to focus on AC Milan and his family. However, Marco van Basten recently asked Stam if he wanted to return into the Dutch squad. Unfortunatly he refused. But after this summer, Stam will go back to Holland and will play for my favorite team AFC Ajax. Stam will play less matches because the Dutch Premier League contains less teams then the Italian Serie A and perhaps he will think of a comeback in the Dutch squad, but the chances are still going to be very small. About the players you missed in the Dutch team: Roy
  12. Good Luck Australia, because the only Dutch men left in the Tournament are Guus Hiddink and Johan Neeskens. I'm devistated since yesterday. Damn, I still can't believe what happened that night. We totally didn't deserve to lose against them sad Portuguese players. And the referee wasn't helping us either. Now we can go home thanks to Luis Figo and it's queer-squad.
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