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  1. I know the general functionality isn't implemented yet, but is there any way you could manually link my accounts? I did encounter a bug. This would be a nice way to make me feel better about the game! [: iOS is paramount. I'd like to OVERWRITE ANDROID with the ios save. iOS PFID: 8E0EA22682CC718D (my account) Android: 5285FCE1483B0DFA
  2. I guess that means I get to suck it up and forfeit, huh? Oh well. Thankfully I can play the paper game tonight as I'm back home (was traveling). [:
  3. I hit a progression blocker during a story mode quest. The save on both server and client is stuck, killing the app and relaunching and choosing continue on both my devices leaves me in the same spot. It seems as though it is no characters turn (none of the top-right turn actions work for any character). I got in this state by recharging Gale Armor on Kyra to move her. The location selection came up, and I double-tapped where I wanted her to move. It seemed like while this was happening the turn was rolling over (those sounds were playing?), it all happened quite quickly. After the move co
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