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  1. No, they are technically not in my collection. Because when I go to Collection through main menu, it says I unlocked 1208 cards out of 1318. How do I unlock the rest 110 cards?
  2. Also: How do I add new cards to collection? If I buy Enhancements or get cards from chests - they go to Unclaimed tab, where I can give them to characters (which is lame by itself since I can give Deck6 card to a newly created characters, but anyway). The cards I got before the update are still available in collection (though I can not salvage them anymore), but how can I add new cards into collection, so I can encounter them in location decks during scenarios?
  3. Actually, no. You dont't get gold the second time, yes. But instead of checked checkboxes (and instead of locked checkboxes) there should be unckecked checkboxes. Especially due to the fact that in character sheet for characters the Completion tab shows the correct progress
  4. Also strange: I've created brand new party and compleeted the first scenario Brigandoom. But on the overview screen it already shows three checkmarks as if I had completed it on every difficulty level. Please, fix this
  5. Why odd? Here you go: - One set of Jingle Dice (looks nice) - Spell "Song of Hawkmoon" (rather useless, if you ask me) - Ally "Pathfinder Chronicler" (a good one, I'd leave it in my deck if I fond it) - 15 Treasure chests (nuff said)
  6. Too bad the Quest mode still remains unfixed. I had to delete 5 characters because of these issues. Also, is it only me or anyone else is also bothered by needless dice rolling? Imagine, you are required to roll 8 while you have two dice and +6 modifier. There is no way you roll less than 8! Why would you need to roll in the first place (animations waste a lot of time in this game). Wouldn't it be better to just show "Succeed" button and get this over with? (like it is done in Talisman, Chainsaw Warrior and lots of other games). Anyway, Happy Holidays to everyone!
  7. Confirmed. I re-installed the app and was able to correctly finish the Story mode scenarios which were already running. However my Quest mode characters lost couple of levels. What's more terrifying is that after each Quest mode scenario a Card Feat is given for each 10 levels your character has. So my lvl40 characters receive 4 Card Feats after each scenario !!! First: this is not fun at all. Second: when you have no more points to spend you are stuck I hope some fixes are to be provided soon (by which I mean: SOON !!! ). P.S. Also along with Seelah's "Inheritor's Favor
  8. Generally, I hate situations which require you to banish cards (i.e., when closing locations). It's just lame. Why the heck do I want to banish the card I've played 50 scenarios to obtain? Anyway, I can deal with these buy forfeiting in most uncomfortable cases. But these bugs you are talking about (banishing the entire hand ) are just outrageous! How the heck is it even possible? It seems that for each bug fixed every new release introduce two more bugs. As suggested, I'm not going to update until I'm 100% sure developers dealt with this problem. Hopefully, they will not wait for an
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