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  1. So I had the Harpy bug too. I forfeited quest. And there was a large card image of the Harpy monk frozen on right side of screen. Image Stayed up while in a different screen while I legalized the decks. And was the first card to appear when I started a new game at the black tower. Forfeited again. Played a quest mode with lower level characters had no issues. Then did the daily of complete a legendary quest went to the easiest 1st quest on legendary and the first Bandit Henchman I encounter glitched into a Harpy monk asked to do the Dex check for all characters. Beat it. Continued with the sce
  2. Hi when in Scenario 4-2 I encountered the Henchman Longtooth and after completing the pre combat Dex/Acrobatics check using a Dex blessing, it Bugged and made me do the check again. Like it Bugged " make a Dex OR Acrobatics check" to "Dex AND Acrobatics check". The 1 damage dealt after successful only happened the 2nd success thankfully. Oh and The Tome of Knowledge malfunctioned for me. It was allowing to be revealed on another characters check like it was a blessing. I don't even think they were at the same location. The Tome was acquired during the mission and not normally In the deck not s
  3. Hey thanks for getting the Android update to finished! Glad to start grinding again and would really like to get me a Holiday Hide sweater. However it takes finishing 4 dailies but the Android patch only went live yesterday with only 2 days left on the weekly promo... Makes it impossible to accomplish would you all consider extending the weekly ? Or lowering requirements? Thanks for the new cool stuff! Happy holidays
  4. Cool thanks. Hope it's up soon can't grind my dailies and feel it's kinda pointless to play till I can update and keep getting gold...
  5. Hi can't seem to update app. On Google play only options are uninstall and got to app. Afraid to uninstall and reinstall, don't wanna lose ingame stuff. Help
  6. Hi anyone else with Android having issues updating? Trying to use Google play from Pathfinder app link...And there's no "update" option only uninstall and go to app. Afraid to uninstall and reinstall don't wanna loose everything I've acquired. Anyone know if I uninstall re install will I keep in game stuff?i Have a separate Google play act. That always logs in when I start Pathfinder app. Just want Access to my dailies man!
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