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  1. Yuthura... yes please! With the new powers/feats/classes I really have no idea what kind of character to create. Have to give the game manual some serious ogling before any type of character forms in my mind. Hades One is a gamer/rpg fan and is simply expressing his opinion. That is the point of these forums, isn't it ?. A forum is a place where people express their opinions. Has been since ancient times. You don't like an opinion, fine, you don't have to. Criticism of KotOR2 (or anything else for that matter) DOESN'T mean " I hate your guts, hope you die horribly ", it simply mean
  2. In the old Star Wars RPG there were a number of 'light' weapons, including the lightwhip. Type lightwhip into Google if you're interested. Personally I have no interest in seeing the whip included in KotOR2. Some kind of stun baton to knock opponents unconcious would be good (for non-lethal combat), but it would probably be too overpowered in this sort of game.
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