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  1. Hey, again with the question about the robe, how did you get it? I guess cheated or with a mod, but how exactly? Magnus
  2. Jaina Solo, Mara Jade, Tahiri Veila, Lumiya, Lomi Plo, Cilghal, Callista, Tenel Ka... there are lots and lots of female Jedi and Sith in the EU. Magnus
  3. Um, where did you get that info from? I must have missed that completely in the manual. Anyway, a question to the developers: Will Lightsaber Mastery feats, from the Star Wars RPG Hero's Guide be included? And seeing how Jedi Masters have different fighting styles ( Count Dooku uses Lightsaber Mastery Form II, Mace Windu Form VI, Obi Wan Form IV in Episode I and Form III in Episode II, to mention examples ), could those be represented by Jedi using different fighting styles in the game, too? Magnus
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