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  1. I was thinking of a few ideas that have to happen in order to make this game greater. 1. If Revan comes back, he must play a major role and Bastila plus HK-47 need to be right by his side. (And since you have the old faces back, it is surely possible.) 2. They need more areas that you can auto-transit. 3. Enemies need to have less of an immunity to the force, especially if they're lower leveled. (But not too much) 4. How about a ysalamiri weapon? 5. Combat should be a lot smoother. (Maybe playing it in a way that it does not show any pauses.) 6. Love Stories. That is what made you partially care for Bastila in the first game. 7. Backstories to the characters need to be a lot bigger (like Bastila's on average) or linked to the history of the time period. 8. MORE FUNNY DIALOGUE. Loved the meatbag talk from HK-47 and Jolee's goofy senility thinking. 9. Maybe you could use another party member to talk to someone? (Only in certain areas because it would be too extensive) 10. Scenes going black do not add to the greatness of the story the way they would if they kept running. 11. Extras. Anything and Everything related to the story development. Or secret Ebon Hawk min-games? What do you all think?
  2. It would be a much more powerful game should Bastila, HK-47, and Revan return. (It will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, be all three at once because of the fact that Revan created HK-47 and Bastila loves Revan.) Maybe Revan (if on the light) will be like Jolee was to him in the first game, a mentor, but with more youth to him.
  3. If they use this, of course they would not use it in all areas, and maybe it would add to the freedom of combat and such.
  4. This may be a long shot, but I think it's Bastila. I think I have seen Carth in the party screenshots as well. Any ideas?
  5. This would be an interesting way to add a little more variety to the game since the worlds are going to be bigger with more life. It could also add defense and speed bonuses and prevent long walking from one place to the next. :ph34r: Any ideas?
  6. I was thinking that one of the biggest issues I had with the first game is that to construct a lightsaber you had to just get a crystal and the game took care of the rest. Why not make it to where you have to gather certain parts & a hilt and actually make the saber itself instead of just having three crystals? That would be interesting. Also, if HK-47 is going to come back, why not have a quest where we can use his assassination protocol? What about more expanded mini-games such as sabacc as a higher-risk card game? I will have to think of others but I think Obisidian is on it's track to making a great game. Any thoughts?
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