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  1. The big problem I encountered from Morgiv banishing most of my characters' decks is that I have no way of getting some of the items back ever again, such as the Emerald Codex; it isn't in the inventory page, and I've never encountered it outside of it being a reward. My sorcerer used to have two disintergrate and teleport spells, my wizard an array of useful and powerful spells, too; but it seems like along with having banished my cards, the inventory page simply lacks most of my spells I have acquired throughout the game. Is there any way for me to get them back, or do I need to restart the
  2. iPad 4 iOS 10.2 So many bugs! So... many... bugs. Druid is sometimes unable to recharge creature allies, I discovered this with the monkey using its ability to get a boon. Cleric no longer recharges blessings of Sarene, doesn't even count them towards daily missions of using blessings either. Getting absolutely REKT by this Morgiv guy. I've encountered him once on mission one: he gives me the text from the beginning of mission two, restarts the mission with all the locations I closed previously remaining closed. Same thing happened on mission two, only as soon as it restarted t
  3. iOS 10.0.2 iPad 4 Indestructible harpy monks at the temple. If they get defeated, they just go back to the top of the location pile. Makes legendary a bit more challenging. Kyra fought an ancient skeleton from the skeleton horde card, and was unable to continue or heal: clicking either resulted in a screen freeze. I had to select another party, and start another mission before it started working again. Those are the only two that have killed me deep inside so far. Love the new update, really fun to play.
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