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  1. Did you not lose the party progress? I.e., in your new party, did you not have to do all the early quests again? Hi, I started a new story and all the quests that I unlocked previously are available. However, as far as I see, only the quests that have been finished by the least experienced party member appear as completed. In my case, this was not much of a setback, I have a small party with similarly experienced members. The card decks remained the same as before, so no losses/setbacks here. BR
  2. Hi, I can confirm that deleting the party let's you keep the experienced characters. I simply created a new party with the experienced characters and it's the same status as before getting stuck due to the bug. Thanks for providing this solution, Hannibal_PJV! BR
  3. Hi, I have the same issue with the "Heal" ability in the Local Heroes Adventure (1-2) , Sandpoint Cathedral. I got the two options (Continue/Heal) after defeating an undead. If I choose either of them nothing happens. I can't access the menu from within the adventure to forfeit. My only option then is to quit the app and once I restart it, I am again confronted with the decision between Continue and Heal, the only two buttons that seem responsive. I am playing on an iPad Pro with iOS 10.0.1 and I updated the app today. Let's see if there is a way to fix this, it would be a shame t
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