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  1. that is really good news now im gonna go see whats new there is in new version! THANKS FOR THE INFO!
  2. i always thought that PT rights were owned by interplay... and seeing as they have real problems (some say that they are finished, but i didnt read that anywhere), i thought that perhaps they may release the rights, or just sell it at a cheaper price... but i dont REALLY know who owns the rights to the game. ill have to research on that... EDIT: hmm... cant really find who owns the rights to PT now, but i know that BIS owned the right to the game...
  3. i love the original. its a sad truth that most so called gamers out there - they dont know what a great game PT really is. but i really have longed for a sequel for about 5 years now. and sadly - there has been absolutely no word if a sequel would be ever made. i was eve thinking if the name could be released to public (so they wouldnt have to buy the rights to development) so it could be a open-source project... then maybe we would get a Project going. but thats something thats very unrealistic. so i just want to say that there are still people that wait patiently for a sequel to Planescape: Torment. Hell, i even have alot of ideas for storyline... So my wish is for PT sequel to be developed
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