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  1. Appreciate the time you took to answer, and so quickly too. Thank you. I will give this a try.
  2. Conscious that I have only one more post available to me before my daily tally is exhausted (just registered for this site an hour ago). So, is there an existing template someone can point me to please? Maybe it's a fighter that I need? Dunno, just want something that can destroy mobs by swinging a huge axe or some other 2 hander, and won't die in a handful of hits like the 'interrupt barbarian' template that I followed. As I say, it will have the fighter, mage and priest from early game in the party with it. A four person party. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what attributes and
  3. Hi, thanks, but I thought this char was about speed and interrupts? Putting on that heavy armour will decrease weapon swing speed surely? Really not sure how perception works, but I followed this template to the letter as far as I could given my journey into the game thus far. As I wrote elsewhere, I was looking for a melee DPS character with some durability. The barbarian in this template cannot withstand any attacks as it has such little defences and gets overwhelmed really fast. Maybe I need to try a different type of build or class?
  4. I am reasonably new to this game. Played as a Paladin but got bored as it was mainly a damage absorber and didn't really have much DPS. I need a new character that swings a weapon for good damage, and doesn't die in a few hits. Will be in a party with the mage, priest and Eder on hard/hardest setting. Can anyone point me to an existing template, or give me some advice on starting such a char (what to pick at creation and what to pick at each level). Thanks.
  5. I'm struggling with this build. I am getting destroyed by mobs. I'm only level 4 and have reached Caed Nua but mobs are killing this really fast. I am in a party with Eder, Aloth and Durance on hard setting. I position this character to be behind Eder but ahead of the mage and priest, but mobs are still swarming me and killing this barbarian fast. What am I doing wrong? Clearly I don't as yet have most of the listed gear.
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