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  1. Hi all, Do you think if it would be better that the daily challenges persist until completion, instead of it reseting automatically everyday with an option to reset it once per day if we dont like the challenge? I am a casual player and play 1 game with 6 characters everyday. Why only one game? Well, it takes about an hour to complete it and that's how much time i can put to the game per day. So far, I got these challenges: Reduce 30 damage (200 gp), Acquire 15 allies (150 gp). There shouldn't be much problem for players who are playing more games everyday. But in my case; for first instance, I should have focused on failing the combat checks to reduce enough damage to complete the challenge in one game and by doing that risking the failure of scenario. For second instance, I probably should have used most of my blessings for acquiring allies and it would put me in a much weaker position when facing Henchmen and the Villain. On the other hand, a voice in me keeps saying "what's a challenge if it doesn't really challenge you?!". And another says "But i want to have that sweet gold too! Why can't i have it on my own time?". What are your thoughts people?
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