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  1. Looks like my bug was ignored. Anyway, here it is again: The description for the Wolf Spiritshift (Druid) mentions a move speed increase but doesn't actually give that.
  2. I would like to petition a buff to Brilliant Radiance, a really weak talent. I made a thread about it too. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88610-brilliant-radiance-is-way-too-weak/ In addition, the Wolf Spiritshift's description mentions a Move Speed increase, but it does not actually provide any at all. Might want to rectify that.
  3. Oh man, thanks for this! You're a godsend. If you want, you could have some items for Dota 2 or TF2? I'm just really grateful. Thanks again!
  4. The blind idea is pretty good. It fits with the name. Maybe it should have its vessel damage remain unchanged when taking the talent. 8-12 damage is never going to be relevant, I'm afraid. You can also graze or even miss with it. One thing they could do is make Brilliant Radiance deal damage equal to 50% (or so) of the Vessel burn damage and deal that to all other types. Its anti-Vessel capability remains the same but you also gain offensive usefulness when not fighting Vessels!
  5. So... is there a compilation of mods to make terrible talents useful? I would really like a link, provided it is not too much to ask! Speaking of Dragon Age: Origins, I played that a while back and indeed did I notice a lot of abilities were god awful.
  6. Just wanted to say I love this game, I've played it for over 200 hours now. Very glad to know there are still good games being made at these times. Though there is one thing that sort of bugs me. Namely, the lack of power in certain talents and spells. I wanted to focus on one of them, which strikes me as the weakest, probably the worst talent in the game. Brilliant Radiance: 8-12 base damage. Doesn't scale with level. Doesn't scale with disposition. Why is it even in the game? Why didn't the last patch buff it? Does anyone use this? I read that it was kind of decent early on in
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