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  1. I was wondering this as well. When I bought one, I just wanted it in my "box" like a normal card. I have no clue how to do that. Honestly these card management changes make the game much worse and I'm losing almost all interest in this game. It really makes me frustrated and sad.
  2. Did you count your feats after? The exact same thing happened to me, and I counted the feats after and I was up a card feat and down a power. Don't be so quick to assume that what happened is correct. That being said I have no clue if anything will be done to correct it.
  3. Hi, When playing with the new update, I went in with my main party to scenario 6-1. Upon completion, I was awarded with a power feat, which is correct. However, I noticed that it had removed a power from each of my characters, so I ended up with the same number of power feats that I had before. After re-picking my missing feats, it then awarded me a card feat. So in total, my characters are up 1 card feat, and down 1 power feat. PF ID 81C2DDEA6F062D1C I'm playing on an iPad Air with the most recent updated OS, this was on normal, and my party is Lini (wild warden), Valeros (gua
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