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  1. Yea, I bought it long before Steam version available. Anyway, I contacted support, and they upgraded my game to Obsidian Edition. Thumb up for Obsidian's quick and helpful response. Will continue support them. Already got PoE, Tyranny, still waiting for PoE 2
  2. Hi, I just bought the Steam version, after following the steps required to join the Ambassador Program. I'd bought the Android version, and the RotR bundle. Until now, I don't see any free Obsidian Edition upgrade DLC. My game is still Basic Edition. Please help.
  3. I followed the steps, and previously bought RotR bundle on Android version, but i still can't access/download the free upgrade DLC. Why?
  4. I feel that it a bit annoying to have to roll dice, for example 1d6 when i have +7 as modifier. Please make it skip the dice roll
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