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  1. Visions and Biography. Biography worked during the prologue. Afterwards it never recorded again until a couple of weeks ago. I'm about to start Act 3, I believe (going to the animancy hearings after talking to Lady Webb), so now I have a lot of biography info missing between the prologue and sometime of gameplay before the current point of the game I'm in. Also, only two recent visions regarding the latest quests I've completed, nothing else before that. Maybe this is a hard thing to fix without having to restart the game, but I would really like to "unlock" all the missing entries in my current playthrough because I feel it breaks the immersion to have these "holes" in the journal. In a game where the story and the character development are so important (and arguably the main qualities) such an issue should really not exist. Other than that, there's the Psychic Backlash bug, which I think is already being looked at. Oh, and some audio issues, like background audio playing when it's not supposed to. For me, just outside the Stronghold's main hall, there's the audio of the mobs (from a quest early in Act 2) still playing, even with no mob there anymore. Can't remember if I've seen anyone else complaining about this, but it's really annoying (also kinda breaks the immersion everytime I visit the stronghold ).
  2. Hi, my game just crashed and I got this message: I was in Stalwart, inside Thirsc's house. It happened after I read his soul (doing this for the Durgan Battery's Cantec quest), when I left his house, imediately after the transition screen from the house to the village, it crashed. Im sending a dropbox link to the folder mentioned and a save right before the crash https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0rv1qu7orn6gqcq/AACdzXHqn8MhZ0iLEekwxpcFa?dl=0 dxdiag: DxDiag.txt
  3. Hi, didn't want to create a new topic because I found this one and it relates to the bug showing in my game. I pacified the mob with some money and they went away. However, the audio is still there, like there was an invisible mob in front of the door. I had 3.02 when it happened and it continues with 3.03.
  4. Same here =/ I thought she was going nuts or that my main character did something wrong because she mentioned him ("watcher") in a weird and kinda negative way. But no, just a bug. In my case specifically, It started after I first visited Pearlwood Bluff and it happened at the start of almost every battle. Really annoying.
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