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  1. is there any other information about this? I haven't seen items randomly disappear but something has happened where a quick item slot on one companion (Aloth) does not allow anything to occupy it, and if you frustratingly continue to click, enough so that I think it registers a double-click, the item entirely disappears. I've only lost some potions and scrolls i think but :/
  2. thanks! any resources for messing with the console.. I'll probably just play the game through once as it is for achievements sake.. but am curious about messing around later..
  3. this is awesomeness.. any idea how it can be done to be able to do the Doemenel quests and get the crit ability? would one be effectively double crossing factions at this point.. would be fitting for me rogue.. but also would have been cool if the developers allowed this option in the first place..
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