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  1. Just bought it and still had the problems. PFID- 2D5B7D09D6191C4C not sure what else I should do.
  2. Same problem. I didn't get anything, order was confirmed. Restarting the app erased the option to buy it and nothing showed up. PFID- 2D5B7D9D6191C4C I'm on phone.
  3. It says PFID # 2D5B7D09D6191C40 I'm playing on android 4.4.2. I have 6 chests unaccounted for, but not sure if completely lost or not.
  4. I just updated, but didn't get any chest back. Not sure what was in them, so not sure if I got the cards in them. Damn...
  5. I tried opening a chest 6 times, and it glitches each time. I see the number of chests go down, but no card appears and the whole thing crashes.
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