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  1. Hello. I had six or so characters, think the highest was in the mid twenties. I don't think I got any reward. No chests at any rate. Guzzleguts 8029 123081f989ddc768 Thanks for your time Obsidians!
  2. Hello, apologies if this has been posted before. I experienced similar network problems to other users (endless failed attempts to sign into Google Play games) I've had some success with solving this. I'm using Avast mobile security. It will (annoyingly) flag up your wifi connection as a potential risk that it wants to scan. You can still browse etc, so it's easy to ignore day to day - but I think it interferes with Pathfinder. At least I get better results connecting when I've resolved avast. Maybe other users are suffering due to anti-virus software too? Worth a try anyway.
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