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  1. I received both a card feat and a power feat after completing Cabin in the Snow. Playing with Amiri and Lini. Anyone else get this?
  2. In Scenario 5.5 (Into the Runeforge), the villain cannot be accessed until all locations are closed. If a henchman is defeated, but the location is not closed, the henchman is supposed to be shuffled back into the location. It did not, and it created an unwinnable situation for me. I defeated the henchman, failed to close the location, and continued on. I ran into an ogrekin, who rolled a 4 (return the ogrekin to the bottom of the location deck after the encounter). This ogrekin then popped up again and again, without re-rolling its ability, so it kept returning to the bottom of the de
  3. Strange things are afoot in my quest mode. Earlier tonight I finished up several quests, when I noticed that the gold I was receiving at the end of the quest was not appearing in my account when I exited. And then, I put the game down, and came back to it several hours later and when I tried to play a quest, it loaded me into a quest already in progress with characters from several days ago (and several levels lower)! I'm playing on a galaxy note 10.
  4. I'm having the same problem with the warchanters, as well as the hags in 3.5. I'm on a galaxy note 10.
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