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  1. I was really looking foward to some kind of hidden achievement to unlock everyone of those cards, gotta be honest. Being told it was a bug made me a bit dissapointed
  2. This little comment belongs over in the Augery discussion. Exactly my toughts. Deck shuffling seems broken
  3. Well, so here I am, adventuring with Valeros, and he finds in a little village a gorgeous redhead woman, who wants to speak with him. But... Our Valeros is not good with words, so he needs some help to get through this woman, or he may lose his focus toward our mision. I decide to give him a little push. Some blessings, an ally, anything would work. But nothing... Our gods dont answer our call, neither do our allies. What is going to do our poor Valeros? Then, his bag shines with a blue light, like highlited by the gods. He looks for something helpful, maybe a potion. All he finds is a CROWBAR! Well, I guess hitting the woman in the head may work Sorry, but just found that I can use a crowbar to help me with this barried and found it so funny. Had to share
  4. Yeh, quest mode lets you access cards that are not out for story yet, but so far, I haven´t experienced any limit breaking without forcing it myself (get a mague with two hastes out, farm two hastes, get both of them together in the same party). Could be my luck, though
  5. Weird. Im playing from a second device, since my mobile is a bit broken. My quest characters are the same in both devices (wich, as far as I understood, cloud save on quest mode wasnt going to be implemented this patch), and my story mode is totally a new savedata. No characters, no story Edit: After some testing, this is what I could get. Only new parties are saved on the cloud. A new party I created in device A was playable in device B, but not the old parties. Also, it seems that I bugged the game HEAVILY. Device B works as intended, but the other device's quest mode is broken. I tap the button and I get redirected to story, but being unable to play any story character (its like quest was a different story). Fun fact. The heroes I had in quest, I can play them at story now... I need some time to test if they get rewards again, because if they do, I could get heroes with double stats/cards and power feats... Quite the bug, if you ask me. I'll tell you if I find anything about this.
  6. I think (not really sure, I´ll check as soon as I finish my current adventure) that I still get them. But everytime I did an older scenario, I used new chars (to level them up), so maybe thats why I think (now you made me doubt lol) that I get the dialogues. I´ll let you know when I test it
  7. The border of the card tells you the rarity. There are non-bordered cards (non-treasure), bronze cards (common), silver cards (uncommon) gold cards (mmm... legendary?) and black cards (so far, they are rewarded for clearing legendary difficulty) And yeah... All the uncommon cards I got are from adventure 6, wich frustrated me a bit... I guess I´ll be glad once they release that adventure, because they look great, but whatever.
  8. Look at the vault. The number at the bottom right corner its the number of copies there are in your "box". If there is no number, there should be only one copy
  9. Actually, treasure cards are erased if you try to merge parties with copies of them, so yeh, treasure cards respect card limits. Loot cards are confusing... some do, some don´t. I have a Kyra with 2 Impaler of Thorns, and my Valeros has a third one. But I could only have one light armor (the green one, can´t remember the name) And normal cards... I think you can only encounter more of them if you create a new party. Wich means that, if you are playing with two hastes in your mague deck, you SHOULDN´T be able to find anyone in location decks. But I got as a reward from clearing a Shock longbow, when I already had one (wich breaks the limit), so I can´t really tell :/
  10. Well, thanks for answering all my questions, guys Whenever I start a new party, I get no gold from Normal and Heroic, I have to go directly for Legendary if I want gold. I find it weird, because farming new heroes is hard. I must go directly to Legendary with a fresh deck, or go to Normal/Heroic and get no completion gold reward :/
  11. Maybe it was some kind of bug? As I've read, Yap is a A3 card, wich shouldn´t have been released so far.
  12. Hi there, guys. I've been playing for almost three weeks, and I'm really enjoying the game so far. (Never played the physical one). I have some questions regarding the treasure chests, and I'd appreaciate if someone could answer them 1st: It's worth buying chest? I've bought 4 so far, and got nothing really interesting. 2nd: Treasure chest reward only card from already purchased adventures? Or just any adventure at all? I got some cards from Deck 6, and I dont know if that is intended or a bug, because the rest were from B, 1 or 2. 3rd: Are the treasure cards "official"? I mean, if I had the physical game, could I use the "Noble brat" ally? Or are they made just for this game? 4th and last: Dissabling the "treasure cards on story mode" option, would erase all treasure cards already equipped in my story heroes decks? Or just prevent me to find new ones? I dont really feel like testing it Thanks for reading, guys
  13. To be completely honest, I just created this account because Im really curious about this. You say you unlocked a black card called "pixie" without buying chest? Maybe they are rewarded as hidden challenges (just like the Stalker Mask is an easter egg)
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