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  1. So I'm in it for the story and the fun, not just to OP my way through the game. To go with this it will be a "Normal" difficulty mode playthrough so I don't have to worry about min / maxing combinations. I LOVED the character banter and interactions between different characters in PoE 1, especially Eder always picking in Durance and our Monk friend (Winters xpac) "high" comments which were hilarious! I'm also noticing that in PoE 2 there are many more "during conversation" character reactions between character and MC discussiions with the MC and other NPCs. With this in mind, what party combinations lead to the most fun interaction both from a banter / random comment perspective as well as companion quest storyline details and inter-story character interactions? EDIT: My main is a cipher + rogue if that helps at all from a storyline perspective, Loving all the additional discussion options :).
  2. This looks really neat! If I wanted to create a similar party with your builds (Dull Runner, Fulmineo Prondroni, this build, Backlash Beldam, Mad Hornet and Zeblastian Hurtstacker) which of them would be the Main Character [sorry if that info is mentioned in one or more of the builds and I missed it! ]
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