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  1. That was mentioned before, apparently Wookiees can't be Jedi or Sith. Thats why Hannar in TSL isn't a potential Jedi. George Lucas said they can't be Jedi because they are very emotional people. I think this also makes a good prerequisite to becoming a Sith, though. Lowbacca anyone?
  2. Ah well, it was worth a try. I didn't think you could tell me anything anyways.
  3. I'm sorry but Episode VI does not end with plot resolution the way it should've. If you take into account that Palpatine comes back the next day and all. If you choose not to show the Expanded Universe as part of that then yes, Episode VI did have plot resolution. But seeing as how that pattern does have some weight, I hope you're right.
  4. I heard the series Lucas was making was set between RotS and New Hope, about the Jedi being hunted down even more and the Empire's rise to power. I even heard he was personally directing the first season.
  5. I would've liked my lightsaber back. I would've liked to ask Kreia where the hell she got that vibrosword to fight Scion. :wallbash:
  6. Come on Lucian, tell us what's going on! :starwars: <--- what an awesome smiley
  7. I think I'd certainly like to see a grand final battle between the Mandalorians and Jedi order versus the Sith Empire. Except not over Coruscant, make it over Korriban or some planet within Sith space.
  8. Nothing wrong with a good pun every once-in-a-while. Anyways, lightsabers and hoods and robes galore. You have your work cut out for you Obsidian and __________[insert 2nd team here].
  9. Why are we back to debating whether or not KotOR will be made? The people at Lucas Arts said they werent going to leave it behind so that's enough for me.
  10. George I think is tired of Star Wars. If he wasnt then Episode 3 wouldve been even greater than it was. But we really dont need George to make KotOR 3.
  11. Take Juhani out and stick in Jolee Bindo and you're good.
  12. Option 3 is the best there is....even better with hard-coded Exile...that way, Exile can have deep roots in the story. but either way, my vote would be for option 3....new protagonist with a controllable Exile later in the game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah that sounds good. It also makes the most sense and it can work out well. I still dont think that the new character should be very important but mostly just be a gateway to the Revan and Exile story.
  13. Im thinking between 3 and 5 really detailed planets. We all want quality over quantity here. I got a list: Coruscant, Naboo, Mustafar, Alderaan, and Corellia.
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