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  1. I have a bug that makes my team of characters unable to be played any more I am playing on IPad with retinal display (ipad4) iOS 9.3.1 No pass and play no permadeath Team Valeros, Seoni, Merisiel, Kyra I had clicked Thistletop Delve on heroic difficulty but before I started to pick locations I remembered I wanted to buy a chest. So I clicked the option button on the bottom left. clicked the chest icon. Clicked buy more, bought a chest, then clicked the chest icon (that now said 1) in the top right. I opened my chest then hit back twice. It kicked me back to home screen so I clicked continue. When I tried to start the mission there were a few odd errors. It told me my characters didn't have enough equipment (and indeed some of it was missing, likely my +2 quarterstaff) and my characters were all shifted to the right with blanks on the left. The game would not let me add new items to make up the ones missing either. I just was unable to start. When I tried to look at my team by clicking the icon of the hero on bottom left, it opens fine but my first two spots are blank and I can not fill them and my 4 heroes are in the last 4 spots. If I exit all the way out and look click story instead of continue my roster says it has 6 people with valeros and seoni listed twice.
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