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  1. I figured they probably have found out about it by now, but usually the more data, the better.
  2. OS: Android 7.0 & Android 6.0.1 Phone: Nexus 5x & Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Rooted) PFID: 748ECA023F05C99E Gameplay Is pass & play on? Is permadeath on? No and No Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story, Scenario 4-3 Characters in Party: Valeros, Kyra, Merisel, Lem Location of each character: Kyra @ Temple. Turn Order: Valeros, Kyra, Merisel, Lem Scenario & Scenario Difficulty: Scenario 4-3 The Black Tower, First Difficulty. What card was encountered when the issue occurred? Villian of the Scenario Did the issue occur on the first explore or a subsequent explore? If subsequent, what card did you last encounter? What was its resolution? Second explore, Boon, but can't remember. Did other characters aid the check? What did they use to aid it? No Was the encounter a Horde? no Same situation as with @nikk2009. I encountered the villian and used Holy Light + Blessing of Sarenrae to defeat the villian. The other three characters were at different locations. I think Mountain Pass & City Gate were the two locations undefended. The other three had a character each at them, based on character strength. I recharged the Blessing with Kyra's power, was presented the option to Continue or Heal, once clicking, box goes away, but game stops and doesn't move, regardless of choice.
  3. I actually like Here Comes The Flood for the same reasons others stated, it's a different tactic. My current party is Valeros/Lem/Harsk/Merisel/Kyra and I had to dump any non-explore again cards from my hand each turn. Not only that, but everyone has at least one Blessing of Norborger. It's a hard scenario, but I enjoy that kind of thing. By the way, the scenario is even worse when all boons go up by four because of one of the wild card powers, but it's still beatable.
  4. I found another bug with Goblin Commando. Adding it here since it was pretty far down the list due to moderation mode still on my account. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87217-bug-goblin-commando/
  5. I'm experiencing a bit of a bug with the Goblin Commando. Here's the details. Scenario: Crow Bait on Hard Mode Location: General Store Hero: Merisel Other details in case it matters: 4 cards left in deck, no other locations open. Whenever I encounter the goblin commando, it gives me the option to encounter or evade as expected with Merisel. If I choose to encounter the goblin, its text takes effect of "Before you act, the Goblin deals 1 Ranged Combat damage to you." I discard a card for the damage, hit next and the crow bait text makes me bury a card. The bug happens at this point where it goes back into the location deck. Of course, the location lets me explore again, but that's the second time in a row it's happened to me. Hopefully that's enough details to pinpoint this bug. Thanks!
  6. I didn't realize that it changed the number on the actual card. I agree with PinkRose on this one, it should have extra text to indicate this, or at least put into the box where it shows additional modifiers.
  7. During playthrough, I'm noticing that the monsters do not have the veteran ability added into their difficulty at all. The specific wording on cards are "The difficulty to defeat is increased by the scenario's adventure deck number." Cards that have this condition: Henchmen: Bandit (B), Zombie Minion (2) Monster: Enchanter (B), Mercenary (B), Scout (B), Sneak (B), Warlord (B) Barriers: Ambush (B), Collapsed Ceiling (B), Explosive Runes (B), Large Chest (B), Locked Stone Door (2). If need be, I can include some screen shots, but it'll be later on once I get home.
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