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  1. That does help, thank you! Oh, I have one more. Twice now I have revealed Dogslicer +1 with Kyra, and got the 1d6+1 additional combat effect (and the card goes into the "revealed" area). Both times, however, the card gets discarded at the end of combat. I didn't intend to discard, or at least if I had, I should have gotten the extra die from discarding!
  2. Three issues I've come across while playing: 1) After finishing an adventure, I was going through the cards of my characters, arranging, rearranging, deciding and moving things around. I wanted to look at the vault for moment (I was checking to see which ally cards have the "human" trait, because I was considering putting "Charm Person" in my deck), so I went through the settings menu to get to the vault, and looked at the cards. When I came back from the vault, however... all of the cards that I had earned from the adventure, but had taken out of my character's decks (that were on the bot
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