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  1. I sent the e-mail but I had no reply until now, nor have my purchased stuff appeared again. What can I do?
  2. Hi, I am using an android device, and about a month ago I was playing the game when I notice that all the money I was storing were missing (abou 16000 gold pieces). I kept playing anyway, then I purchased the newly released adventure (adventure 4). I played all the way through the adventure, and finished it. Then I decided to start a new party, with some different characters. I played all the way through the 5 adventures (B to 4) all the same. Then when I opened the app today to continue playing with the new party in the legendary difficulty, all adventures but the forth one were missing, as if I had never purchased them (there is a locked lock in adventures 1, 2, and 3). Besides all these, whenever I use Blessing of Gorum with a character that is not Valeros, only one die is added to the melee combat check. Sometimes I use the blessing with Valeros and two dice are added, and, in the same check, I use the same blessing with another character (say Lem) and only one die is added to the check.
  3. Asus ME173X Android 4.2.2 Sometimes after finishing a scenario I receive 0 (zero) gold as reward, and the total amount of gold shown is also 0 (zero),
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