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  1. I am having the same issue as well. Have a party of 3. All have duplicate icons. when i assign one, 2 show up. Mission Crow Bait. Update: On iPad Pro. Latest version. also sorry for redundant post.
  2. Having same issue. 3 person party. Crow Bait on Normal Difficulty. I can't progress - (2) icons per player.
  3. I am specifically talking about Burnt Offerings : Trouble in Sandpoint. Merisiel died on the first go through. Seoni and Kyra lived. The latter 2 got the reward : Each Character gains a power Feat. Merisiel didn't. I repeated it x2. The second time on Heroic. The 3rd time on Normal. Merisiel still hasn't benefited from the reward : Each Character gains a Power Feat.
  4. And missed out on getting the reward : Trouble in Sandpoint. 1st Power upgrade. The other party members got the reward. Have tried to redo the scenario but the original character isn't able to get the power. Am i missing something? If you die during the scenario but everyone else pushes on, can you never go back and get that power (or other reward)?
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