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  1. Due to my older model iPad, it wouldn't let me create an account. I feel like an idiot too because I don't remember the process. I just remember buying the bundle, then experiencing disappointment when I couldn't play it. Super frustrating.
  2. So I bought Pathfinder Adventures for my older model iPad. Impulsively, I went ahead and bought the RotL bundle. It didn't function on said iPad. Since I was due to buy a new one, I did so and the game works flawlessly....except the bundle is no longer there. How can I get the RotL bundle back? Thanks for your help!
  3. Ok. I got past (through many crashes) the Orik/Ameiko tutorial which moves me on to the first scenario with Jubrail Viski and it can't even get past the set up point before crashing. Bummed.
  4. I have an iPad 2, 32 GB, using iOS 9.3.1. The game keeps crashing during the tutorial with Orik and Ameiko. Neither 'Pass and Play' nor "Permadeath' is ON. It's crashed at least once during each location. The encounters were all over the map (monsters, items, etc.)
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