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  1. From a consumer perspective, the game did not change at all. It's the same game I play on mobile, just that I have to pay the same price again to play it on a different platform. Obsidian can charge this, no question. I will still not buy it, because the only thing I am getting is a different platform. Also you need to think about that people who do buy now on Steam do not have to buy the game twice to get it on 2 (or even 3) platforms. They pay the same 25 bucks I paid, and get more stuff. To get "even" with the, I have to pay 50 bucks and then I get stuff they get for 40 bucks. It's jus
  2. I just want to ask if I am understanding this right: I bought RotRL and 30days gold on moblie when it first launched (which should be ~35$). To be able to play on PC at all, I need to spend another 25$. If I chose to link my account and use the ambassador program, I additionally get the 2 PC DLCs as well as some gold, promo cards and RotG stuff. Is this correct?
  3. Tried closing the app and opening it again, but the issue remained the same. Help /edit: Tried also logging out, closing the game and restarting the device (in that order). Content is still locked. /edit: Galaxy Tab S with Android 5.0.2
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