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  1. Hello, only created this account because I cant get Pillars Of Eternity to work on steam on linux, wont even start. But since there doesnt seem to be a fix, ive already requested a refund. So please remove my account here ) Cant find an option in settings to remove my account.
  2. Hello, my Pillars Of Eternity wont start. Running manjaro (arch based), and using primusrun %command% to run it with my nvida card (optimus laptop), but it wont even start. Using the same for all the other games, works fine with them. What to do? Is this some bug? Should i do a refund, or should i wait for bugfix? Really want to play this game. For you guys that it works for in linux, what dist are you using? I am pretty sure this is game specific too, a bug in the game, since i play wasteland 2, also tried cactus demo, and they use the same engine (unity), but poe uses a different version I think. Is this the problem, or is it something else, anybody knows? And is a bugfix on the way or not? If not, I want to do a refund, since I can't play the game at all.
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