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  1. It appears in my case that the patches did not install correctly. I reinstalled from the 3.02 versions of all 3 of the full installers and now when I load my old saves Hiravias is in my party again.
  2. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this bug. After updating my PoE, WM1 & WM2 install with the 3.02 patches Hiravias is longer in my party in any of my previous saves. If I return to Stormwall Gorge; Hiravias is by the deer carcass in the location where one would originally encounter him and when I talk to him Hiravias responds as though he is in my party, but I am unable to add him to my party again. I've tried searching for information related to this, but have been unable to find anything in my internet searches. For the GOG version the size of the PoE patch when downloa
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