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  1. Hello, I've just joined the forums here to reply to this topic. I really whished too, that there was a legit way to respec your companions since a party of Inn adventurers feels not right in any way, except for combat for sure. Have to say I'm playing on PotD to enjoy the tactical aspect more, hard didn't give me the creeps. It's not that the difficulty is to huge, but well, you have to play tactically. Having seriously gimped characters around isn't quite the spirit if it comes to numbers, and they are important, at least on the highest diff. My problem with companions is not just that they are mostly build in a very bad way. It's also what comes along with this and my main character selection. Fe, I was very interested in a lot of classes (started all over like a dozen times with different classes for main), just to realize that some things work out really awfull because of the companions the game gives you. Especially during act 1. If you don't want to gimp your party further, you basically have to go for a tank or hardcore dd. To me at least, a tank is very boring to micromanage but gives nice dialogue options and is needed since letting Eder doing this job on his own is tricky. Again, tank to me is boring so everything left needed is a good dd. DD wise, you are rather forced to go with a class which needs int to deal damage if you want to enjoy more then the basic dialogue without being agressive all the time (might choices). Those classes are mostly covered by companions already, so you'd end up having two wizards/druids/ciphers and so on. Not really what I aim for. After all, I don't get what Aloth for example is supposed to do the way his attribute points are spent. Like if somone wanted a battlemage, and another one an autoattack aoe char and they decided to try both at the same time. To make a long post short: Please give us an option to respec the companions like the main char for gold, covering up their attribute points to spend.
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