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  1. Using this build is there anything or anybody specific or any complementing talents I need from my companions? not sure I saw anything on that in this post?
  2. WOw this is amazing work! thanks for coming to my post and guiding me here. Took me a while to find the 3.0 build but well worth it ​ .
  3. You guys and girls are awesome, all this info will help (or confuse me hahah). Great to have such a good community!
  4. New player to PoE and not sure where to find updated info on fighters builds/abilities. I basically want to create and DPS fighter with some tanking abilities (or at least able to take some damage) and as a noob i'm trying to find something on here, but everyithign i get is pretty much from last year before all the expansions etc.. i created my fighter with high constitution/resolve/perception as i read those were absolutely important for any solid fighter,,,i kept might at 12 which i now think may have been a mistake and intellect/dexterity at low levels. What are the important attributes? am i totally off?? for skills? is athletics and lore good ones to choose? how do i decide what is more important for my main character. what abilities should i grab at the lower levels to make my fighter solid? i keep reading how abilities got nerfed and not sure what's essential anymore. i understand there is no BEST build or optimal fighter, but i need some direction and hoping some of you experienced players can give me some feedback. Don't want to pull another divinity Sin and re-start the game 3 times before i make a character that i can enjoy. ​thanks for all your help!
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