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  1. It is minus attack speed, unfortunately. Probably not the end of the world for a low dex tank character since their attack speed is so painfully slow to begin with.
  2. I noticed that no one had put up a consolidated list of new items. Since I'm new to the community here's my contribution: Executioner's Hood (helm): +20 Endurance per kill, +5 Melee Accuracy for +5 sec when missed by an attack. Grants Intimidating Presence (Passive). Frythr's Plated Greaves (feet): +5% Armor Speed Penalty, +3 DR, Grants Wild Spring (1 per rest). Siegebreaker Gauntlets (hands): Grants Clear Out (1 per rest), +4 Resolve. Mantle of the Excavator (cloak): +25 Defense against poison attacks, +2 survival, +4 perception. Elryn's Jacket (light armor): DR 8, Recovery Speed: -20%, 10% chance to cast eyestrike when hit or critically hit, +2 perception. Tax Collector's Mantle (cloak): +2 Stealth, Grants Escape (1 per encounter), Grants Smoke Cloud (1 per rest). Comtessa's Gage (Hands): Grants Solitary (Passive). It's flank resistance, immunity to paralyze, and 25% of damage range guaranteed for 3.0 sec. Iron Circle (ring): -5% Attack Speed, +4 Constitution, +15% Armor Damage Reduction when Endurance below 26% Looped Rope (belt): Grats Clarity (Passive). It's +20 Defense to all negative status effects. Gwyn's Band of Union (ring): Grants Blessing. Grants Instill Doubt when Endurance falls below 80% (1 per encounter). +4 Intellect. Arthek's Cord: Grants Juggernaut (Passive). Bonus move speed above 75% endurance, bonus interrupt below. Blackwarden's Breast (armor): standard exceptional breastplate with +15 accuracy against beasts aura and corrosion-proofed. Cape of the Cheat: Grants Escape (1 per encounter), +10% of incoming Grazes converted to Misses. That's all I could find. I excluded most weapons and armor because they are very easy to find if you know where to look in the files. Someone said there was a new +4 might helm, but I was not able to find it. Hope this helps completionists like me.
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