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  1. I'm not a dev, but I can tell you the most probable reason - it's anti-piracy measure. Save data is easier to edit and "crack" when stored on your local device; that's why - given that the game on mobile had micro-transaction purchases - you could ostensibly just edit yourself a save file with all the paid content unlocked (you would have access to the content data in the hypothesis where it's supposed to be available to you off-line). This is why they keep all paid content server-side, so anytime you start the app - it checks with the servers what paid content there is, and what part of it you're permitted to use. And, yeah, that gave me a heart attack the first time I opened my gallery and find all my treasure cards missing, without realizing my WiFi was off.... Incidentally, now that the game is on PC where you pretty much buy all or nothing - this system seems redundant, but I don't expect them to change it. Also, this crap is probably the reason why they can't get the game running on GOG (who have a pretty adamant anti-DRM stance, which forced online connection for accessing the content you paid for represents). But hey - if you're not a big fan of owning the stuff you pay for - Steam is always there for you... /rant Ha, i didnt understand everything you said the first time through, i had to reread it. So they had to make this update because steam requires all purchased stuff to only be available when online? Sorry, maybe im still confused. I am a fan of owning the stuff i pay for. So should i not be operating on steam? It is just such a big change, and wifi isnt available to people everywhere, even when in countries with good options. Verizon works in some areas and some not for instance. So i can just lose my items in the middle of a scenario is a pretty big deal (whether ones in on my character or even the option of finding treasures). There has to be a way to go back to how its been the past year. This seems like something they should put in the BEFORE YOU PURCHASE info lol. (Just FYI you wont be able to get any of your items if you are not online) lol .......sad thing is ill probably still buy it........or, bring my box set down to honduras from the states. Sorry, my jab at Steam didn't have anything to do with the issue. My point was, on mobile they HAD to put premium items in online-only mode, to prevent piracy... Only, now I'm confused because you seem to imply that for the last year you have been having access to Treasures even without WiFi ?!? For me, ever since launch, No net = No treasures , so maybe I've been having a problem all along (in which case - please assume all my assumptions in the post above were wrong) Yes, i have been able to access my cards offline. If i bought chests (while at my work with wifi) but farmed for them later at home (no wifi) i could still pick some up. (unless this whole time my phone connected to a hotspot and i was unaware, lol) That is why i assumed it was a new update with the Ambassador program/merging platforms updates that have been coming through. Perfect example was i bought that vday special gear (online obvoiusly) and farmed for it (offline) got one of them. I didnt have tons of time to play this game at work (teacher) so my hours at the school were limited and mostly only had time for purchasing and maybe a round or two. But if this isnt part of the ambassador program updates, do you think, at least as far as steam is concerned, we WILL be able to access those items? Or will we still need to be ONLINE to access what we buy? The game doesn't need wifi specifically, just an internet connection. Do you have cellular service at home with a decent network connection? You may have been connecting online this whole time and recently something changed with your network and you are no longer connecting, because as far as I am aware the game has required a connection for any of the purchases as well as some of the other features since day one.
  2. Why should I be mad? Because a company is selling a game on a different platform? Just because I bought Overwatch on PS4 does not mean I should get it free on PC and Xbox. The same applies here. I am pretty excited for the Ambassador Program. I get to buy the base game for about $19 with current discounts and get the $40 version of the game. That is just over 50% off. Yes, I may have already bought the main stuff for mobile, but I have not gotten any of the Alt Characters, I don't have a lot of dice or the other extras, I don't have the future goblin expansions plus promos. I am spending just under $19 to get all of that unlocked for both the Steam version and mobile, which all of the extras will probably cost at least that much on just mobile. I would understand if you are upset about the cost, after buying everything on mobile and spending money on extras. But I think it is still worth the cost to support the company and to get all the extra stuff I do not already have.
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