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  1. I'm not a dev, but I can tell you the most probable reason - it's anti-piracy measure. Save data is easier to edit and "crack" when stored on your local device; that's why - given that the game on mobile had micro-transaction purchases - you could ostensibly just edit yourself a save file with all the paid content unlocked (you would have access to the content data in the hypothesis where it's supposed to be available to you off-line). This is why they keep all paid content server-side, so anytime you start the app - it checks with the servers what paid content there is, and what part of it yo
  2. Why should I be mad? Because a company is selling a game on a different platform? Just because I bought Overwatch on PS4 does not mean I should get it free on PC and Xbox. The same applies here. I am pretty excited for the Ambassador Program. I get to buy the base game for about $19 with current discounts and get the $40 version of the game. That is just over 50% off. Yes, I may have already bought the main stuff for mobile, but I have not gotten any of the Alt Characters, I don't have a lot of dice or the other extras, I don't have the future goblin expansions plus promos. I am spending j
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