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  1. I've crashed three times, different every time. Can't upload the last output log. Pop-up told me to send this to devs. output_log.txt output_log.txt
  2. Today a patch or something dropped. My steam started working only on Disk and downloaded 0 bytes / 0 bytes. I tried starting pillars and it actually worked! Whatever happened worked.
  3. I've been trying some fixes people that had Win10 had, like running the game from the directory, running in compability mode and starting steam and/or just the program as admin. None of the things work. I saw that my output log file has more text than the one I posted earlier though. This is after a clean install and several tries to start the game. output_log.txt
  4. Unfortunately when I get the white screen, the whole computer freezes. I would only be able to take a camera picture to show more. The keyboard freezes as well so I can't enable/disable numlock for example.
  5. Please tell me someone is still working on this. I saw a patch earlier this week but it did not solve the issue.
  6. I tried to start it from the game folder but got the same error. I managed to take a quick screenshot of it before the computer froze.
  7. Yesterday I saw that the patch had been released and saw steam downloading the patch. When the patch was done I decided to start the game. For a few seconds, a white window opened that said Pillars of Eternity and then the whole computer froze. I restarted the computer and tried it again. Same result. I verified the game cache, same result. Today I decided to re-install the whole game to see if that fixes the issue. I clicked play, the white window came up again. And then it froze. I can't get any dxdiag from what I know but I have a speccy screenshot of my computer specs.
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