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  1. This sounds strange. I can't do it. What could be the issue? T_T
  2. Description: Dear Obsidian, I'm in the middle of the White March Part 2. I talked to Ondra and she told me to reforge the Abydon's Hammer with the little fragment taken at the Abbey of The Fall Moon (this is just a literal translation :D). The problem is that when I go to the Battery, I can't interact with the White Forge to reforge the hammer. Could be a mistake of mine, but I guess it is a big bug. Unfortunately I don't have a save previous to the White Forge fight at the end of TW1. So please, tell me if there's anything I can do to continue my adventure. Thank you. LINK SAVE GA
  3. It works! Seriously why I need to use GM btw? :D I hope for a real fix soon.
  4. Thank you for the answer! As you should easily aknowledge, my game is a [px2-review] version. I'm an editor for an important italian videogame website, and I was playing TWM part 2 in order to review it. Unfortunately I felt in this terrible bug and now I can't continue my review session. So, can you please tell me how much I have to wait to receive a solution? And what about the "buggy text in the description"? Which are they? Is there any workaround?
  5. Description: I'm playing the first part of The White March expansion. My party is in the village of Stalwart and every time I try to travel outside (in any direction of the White March or the Dyrwood), after accepting the timing of the trip the screen goes black. The music continues in the background and you can see the game cursor, and you can even feel the noise of the menu that opens by pressing esc, but do not see anything. Then you need to press exit in the darkness and try to return to the main menu and reload the game, but the bug is still present. The trip simply does not happen
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