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  1. So, yeah, I am trying all of the classes and now I am playing monk. Obviously, you all, who suggested single-target DPS (like monk) indtead of multi-targed DPS (like barbarian) were right =) I am having SO MUCH fun!!!
  2. Just FYI. That issue is still not fixed (see the attachment) Windows 7, GOG v2.03.
  3. So, it actually DOES NOT damage the target itself... So dumb of me. Or does it?
  4. Hah, ok, let me try to break this down into simpler terms for you. First thing is that PoE doesn't really have any "dump stats" on a class basis, but it does on a build basis. i.e., you can make a High-int, Low-strength barbarian character and make it effective, but you have to pick the right skills and weapons for that kind of build. Might gives a damage bonus on every swing / spell / action. Good for everyone who deals damage. Con just gives 5% more health per point. This is generally a good stat for barbarians but extra points can be a bit of a waste -- as long as you have enou
  5. Ugh, thanks, guys. I guess... Not that I am ungrateful, but as Arch-Mage said,I don't understand pretty much all of this. But nevertheless, I thank all of you for your tips and bits of wisdom (especially Arch-Mage), which will presumably start to sink in, albeit after some time.
  6. Hi all! I am all green in PoE, and I want your advice. I watched Sensuki's guides and came up with two Barbarians. First: Death Godlike with stats: Might19, Con9, Dex10, Per18, Int13, Res9. My reasons for those stats are: High perception for Accuracy, wich sucks with 2H, Int for AoE. Second build is a coastal aumaua and is almost like Sensuki's: Might20, Con10, Dex10, Per10, Int18, Res10. Minor differences are due to fact, that I did not want to lower stats below 10. So, I have 2 questions. First one is the obvious one: which build is better? Second question is: Should I e
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