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  1. Hannibal_PJV's post in Two Problems with Vault and Gallery was marked as the answer   
    Gallery does math badly! It should be fixed in the next patch.
  2. Hannibal_PJV's post in Android patch region locked? was marked as the answer   
    There is a description error in the Google store. Your version should be the new one. The next patch 1.03 should Also fix the text in the store too...
  3. Hannibal_PJV's post in Game bug (maybe Quest specific?) - Can't continue was marked as the answer   
    Ok. Tapping should zoom the cards. So your game is stuck. Does quitting and restarting the app help. Does the forfeit buttom work?
  4. Hannibal_PJV's post in Game will note allow me to log in or earn gold was marked as the answer   
    Try again restart the game Center app in the iPad. And then restart the Pathfinder app. I did have the same problem because I was forse shudded the game Center sometimes last year because it was total pain in the....
    Well I did not get logged in the game untill I get game Center to work. Without that logging most things Are not working in the game.
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