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  1. Hello, this is the second time I found a hidden item (in purple on the screenshot) that doesn't come into focus on mouseover (frame around the item) resulting on me not being able to pick it up. I tried switching scouting on permanently, no change. Shutting down the game and reloading also does not change this behaviour. So my mechanics skill must be high enough as I discovered the item but I still can't pick it up. This happened after the drake fight in Searing Falls Cave. Moving to the coin pile, toggling scouting on reveals both the normal item which looks like a vase and the hidden square-ish purple item below it. While the normal item can be pillaged the hidden item does not change on mouseover and it can't be picked up which is annyoing as hell as I read that it contains one of the two best 2H swords in the game. I'd attach savegames, log files, etc if it weren't for the 507KB file size limitation... I'm running POE on a desktop PC, Win10, 8GB RAM, HD4600 graphics card, Intel i5 CPU.
  2. I use an integrated HD4600 on my desktop mobo which works fine, playing POE isn't a problem with that.
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