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  1. Well it's showing on the front page of the App Store now, with a nice big banner and everything, but you click on it and it takes you to a game page that has yet to be updated. Weird.
  2. Um, White March Part 1 has been available for months on the App Store. I bought the expansion pack as an in-game purchase in early December and beat the first part weeks ago...
  3. Wow, we really need to read before we post. Sorry, Badler — you probably didn't need to hear the question four times. The way the replies appear at the end of the postings rather than immediately after the post make it hard to see everything that's being said on a given subtopic.
  4. If you are looking to get TWM - Part II on the Mac App Store we are trying to get it out early next week if possible. Couple of weeks later... any updates on the App Store release? I've heard good things and am so very eager to see them for myself...
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