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  1. Hello Aghern and thanks for your questions! The Bearcave: This is pretty tough at level 2 and chances are high that you wont succeed on your first try. Charm Beast is your best friend here. Aim it so that at least the big Bear gets charmed. He will kill the young ones with one or two hits. If you completly miss the Charm its over. But once he starts attacking the other bears: Run out of vision! If you get lucky the young bears will hurt him quite a bit. It might also happen that one young bear will still follow you while the other fights the big one. Dont worry: Run back far enough and ki
  2. Hi, I'm pretty new to the game and I'm trying your guide that seems pretty fun to play, but started the game on PoTD difficulty I'm having some problems like: the bears in the cave just 1 shot me before I can cast the mind control or the evocation, imparements spells seems useless on them, how can I manage to survive them the time necessary to cast 1 control? the wolves south of valewood same problem, I just use the the small entrance to fight them 1 by 1, but the problem is the big wolf that just does too much damage. I tried to mind control the small ones or him, but the spell doesn't last
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