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  1. Hi Aarik D, Yes i did all... took me a long time cause i am a newbe for those things but i manage to find all (F5, steam debug, reinstall the game...) But i have still the issue... I dont no how to do the dxdial something to send you the data... VoeuxPieux
  2. Good evening. I'm experiencing a similar problem with all my saves that are not avalaible to load in the main menu... since 2.01 or 2.02 i cant say... I am playing with Steam and have done all the process for backup and cleaning process... nothing as change. When i create a new party, i can save the party with F5 and normal one... then close the game. When i reopen the game i cant load the new party created 10 minutes ago... Please help ;-) Thanks
  3. Hi ! I have the same problem now since 2.02 patch has been released... What can i do ? Thanks I can not play nymore (((
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