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  1. AFAIK i don't there's currently any way to affect how stealth attacking / backstab works with full attacks... this has been a complaint since the beta I believe. of course i'm hardly that knowledgeable about this and i haven't kept up with the updates to the modding parameters they've added either, but my suspicion is that if someone hasn't made a mod about this yet it's because they can't. 

    as for poison scaling that is definitely possible i believe since there are mods on the nexus which alter the way items and scrolls scale, and there is also another mod that makes some wizard spells, specifically the ones that cause ailments, to continue scaling with power level. sorry i couldn't be more help, but this is also a thing that interests me since assassin is my favorite class.

  2. hey, if you figure out how to make bashing shields, it would be pretty neat to add a very miniscule bashing property to a few swords/weapons: basically a pommel strike, so to speak.

    would be cool if then that weapon also has some enchantments that makes the bashing property proc something else. (this also would be cool on the bash shields).

    alternatively, you could make/modify one of the weapon modals to make the weapon modal apply a bashing function when active! you could add the modal to weapons and also to the shields, appropriately Sawyer-ized of course.

    EDIT: just had a thought: ever considered making naked fist "weapons"? it kind of sucks not being able to have appropriate fist-type weapons for Monks. 

    should be possible to appropriate the standard unarmed fists and clone it as "weapons", with different stats and ****. For aesthetic reasons then also mod in some brass knuckles or equivalent (like fanged claws) on the icons.

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    I can see nice things happen here and on nexus mods, so I think it's time to write up some stuff for the others. As I work mostly with the Stringtables I begin with them. And I hope, BMac or any other Dev could add things I am missing or explain stuff in greater detail.



    Let's begin. ~99,5% of the visible Text ingame is externalised in the exported folder. And translated into 8 languages. The Exceptions are the Credits, News (they come via web request) and a few which the developers missed to mark as “externalize”.

    The exported Text is stored in xml Files with a .stringtable fileextension diveded into files according to usage, be it Gui, Abilities or a Conversation with Edér.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <StringTableFile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
          <DefaultText>Water proof</DefaultText>
          <FemaleText />
          <DefaultText>Dishwasher proof</DefaultText>
          <FemaleText />

    Thats the structure of any Stringtable file. It has:

    • a XML header,
    • a <Stringtable> wrapper with ‘some’ namespace,
    • a <Name> which must correspond to the folder and filename of the file itself
    • a <EntryCount> whose value is not important for us
    • and a list of <Entries>
      • Each of them has exactly 3 elements.
      • a <ID> which is used by the game to reference this particular string
      • a <DefaultText> which is shown per default
      • and a <FemaleText> which is shown if the person in the current context is female, may it your main character or a female NPC


    What can one do with this?

    You can override any line, with anything, as is done here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/5 or here: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/42

    You can add your own texts via the override folder for your custom items, conversations or quests

    You can style the text mostly free.


    Known limitations

    The font ingame has no iconographies for Cyrillic or Korean.


    As the file has to be valid XML all helpers, which use < and > have to be written as their replacement Tags < and >. XML in genral has 3 more escapes, but they are, so far not needed for stringtable files. Full reference: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1091945/what-characters-do-i-need-to-escape-in-xml-documents


    Text effects

    In the text you have various helper elements to style the text or insert variables. Which variables are available depends on the context.

    • <b>Bold</b>
    • <i>Italic</i>
    • <ispeech>Used when the Watcher has a Vision and “speaks“ with himself</ispeech> The text is Italic in the conversation panel and Italic and white in the log panel
    • <#FF0000>Red!</color> Same colors as in html

    Links of various kind

    • <g>Link to a Cyclopedia entry</g> Most of the time the game finds out when to set a link if the word is the same, but for non English languages that's not that easy. So for example in German to add a link to Zersetzung – the name of the Cyclopedia entry – in the word „Zersetzungsschaden“ (corrode damage) one would write <g>Zersetzung</g>sschaden. The text will be displayed in teal.
    • <link="gamedata://b863a8c3-ed3b-4787-8b3f-2bdea96c47a1">Machtschwung</link> Link to Items or Ability popups. Good for showing a quest reward
    • <link=https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/126–pillars–of–eternity–ii–deadfire–backer–beta/>forums.obsidian.net</link>or link to the web
    • <link="glossary://GlossaryEntry_Skaen">Der Stille Sklave</link> Link to named entries of the glossary
    • <link="stringtooltip://cyclopedia/56">strudelt gefährlich</link> Make Tooltips with texts from this file. For the Example it's ID 56 from cyclopedia.stringtable. You could use any file of the game folder. @BMac or any any?
    • <link="neutralvalue://Vailian: Gebt mir den Seelenverschlinger!>„Derme o Engoliero me Espirs!</link> Link to inline translations of all the different con langs. Which are at least:
      • Eld Aedyran
      • Vailian
      • Ixamitl
      • Engwithan
      • Ordhjóma
      • Huana
      • Rauataian
      • Lembur
    • <sprite="Inline" name="action_hold" tint=1> Use sprites in the text. Currently they are on mass in the Ship battle and the Tutorial. Attention: Sprites have no end tag! @BMac Could that use any icon? Like the little crush damage hammer?

    Replacement Token

    • {0}, {1} etc. get replaced with numbers or texts from some source. Like function evaluations. Which functions there are, and how many return values they have is a whole different topic. Example: {0} {1} {2} for {3} damage {4}. Could result in Aloth hits Edér for 12 fire damage. (and I have forgotten what the {4} does.)
      • The curly braces replacements can have subvalues which can be at least these. Percent gets a % sign from itself.
      • {0:AfflictionType}
      • {0:DamageType}
      • {0:Equippable}
      • {0:WeaponType}
      • {0:Value}
      • {0:Value:DamageProc}
      • {0:Value:Duration}
      • {0:Value:PercentBonus}
      • {0:Value:DurationBonus}
      • {0:Value:InvertPercentBonus}
      • {0:Value:Percent}
      • {0:Value:Straight}
      • {0:ExtraValue:straight}
      • {0:ExtraValue:Percent}
      • {0:ExtraValue:Duration}
    • [specified 0] get replaced with the name of the user character at the current selection for this particular scripted interaction. If you choose “Edér should jump the cliff“ and then „Aloth should watch it“ Aloth will be [specified 1]
    • [slot 0] is comparable to [specified x] but it refers to the order of your party members. The left most portrait is Slot 0. It is replaced with the character name.
    • [skillCheck 0] Is replaced with the character name which do the task
    • [Player Animal Companion] is replaced with the Name of your cat, äh, animal companion

      [Player Class]

      [Player Culture]

      [Player Deity]

      [Player Name]

      [Player Race]

      [Player Ship]

      [Player Subrace]

    • [Death Grunt/Cry 1] I have the feeling the should play that audio from the characters voice bank. But i have yet to encounter a place where it does work. @BMac Any hint what they do and where they work?
    • [OrlansHeadGame_OpponentLastResult] these are for the knive throwing minigame






    • [shipDuel_BraceChance]









    Where would you suggest I look for the text that pops up when you're in SLOW MODE or FAST MODE, the one that literally says "Game is in Slow Mode [F]" etc.


    I'd really like to delete (or replace with blank file) that text but can't find it. Lovely post btw! Very well formatted.

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