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  1. I've examined PillarsOfEternity.app contents and i was able to run the game by opening Contents/MacOS/PillarsOfEternity.app It seems that there is some kind of a bug with the default launcher. Is there any way to change the default app file used by root package? Or is there any other fix/workaround for this? Thanks
  2. Hello! On admission - this issue has no any hallmarks nor anything unique and, in cause of that, i'm not able to google for it. So please forgive me if that's a duplicate of any other issue. Description I have just downloaded POI from iStore. After starting it, i can see a splash screen where i can choose "Play Pillars of Eternity" or "The White March DLC". While choosing the second options shows "buy now" screen properly, the first button crashes (or just turns of) the app without any error message. This means i'm not able to run POI at all. Important files ~/Library/Logs/Unity/P
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