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  1. Does a sound file of that "telepathic blending sequence" still exist?
  2. It seems unfair that this thread keeps getting hijacked by the the mention of the TSLRCM. Perhaps those that are interested in discussing that mod can create a new thread.
  3. Were the access codes unique to each individual or did everyone use the same codes to access the beta?
  4. There certainly is some truth to your observation of a greater number of experienced modders out there now. The fact that these mods are coming out at such a great frequency could make one wonder why TSLRP has taken so long to complete. We'll have to see if there are any bugs or conflicts when these new mods are used all at the same time. Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge is definitely looking promising - though that one is for KoTOR1. Of the graphical enhancements, I personally like Sharen Thrawn's Nar Shaddaa skybox and the upcoming skybox for the Telos Polar Plateau by Drewto
  5. It seems that in the past month or so that some other modders have decided they've given up waiting for TSLRP to come out as they've come up with their own restorations. Dantooine (including the now infamous Kaevee) has been restored including new voiceovers - which appear to be superior to TSLRP's voiceovers. I've seen a few dialogue mods from new folks as well. In addition, I've seen a resurgence of beautification mods that seems to differ than the usual "Let's make a new lightsaber" or "Let's re-skin some Mandalorians (yet again)."
  6. Speaking of updates, what's this from Dashus? http://forums.team-gizka.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4776 Is Dashus saying it will be released in two weeks?
  7. Though those of us looking forward to the TSLRP would love to have some updates, only one person besides the beta-testers deserves an explanation on the lack of updates and that's Killerbob, the TSLRP site administrator. One could argue that she might owe the forum members an explanation of what's been going on but I won't be exploring that avenue of conversation here. I am sympathetic to real life concerns that might be keeping this project from release. However, in not releasing updates in a timely manner on what might be holding up progress, I understand completely (while not condoni
  8. M4-78 Try the mod that adds it back in here (in it's BETA form): http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/M478;89207
  9. I was hoping someone directly involved with the making of the game might respond.
  10. Perhaps a developer can answer the question? (I'd love to get a copy of that line without the music in the background.)
  11. I was wondering why Kreia never reveals the future about Bao-Dur in her discussion about the fates of all the NPC characters in the party. I thought I could remember her expressing surprise that I could read his mind in the game. Was it that reason nothing is specfically said about him or was it oversight? As long I'm talking about Bao-Dur - whatever happened to that line "Make my sacrifice matter" that was clearly in a file on the KOTOR2 site that showed off the voice actors. Why was that cut from the game?
  12. A few thoughts from one of the M4-78 mod voice-actors . . . A) Nowhere in the mod author's read-me file does he call the mod a "restoration." Anyone claiming that the mod is a restoration is doing a disservice to the mod author and possible downloaders as they might think they're getting something else than what they're expecting. B) IS-24 files were probably placeholders, in my humble opinion C) The "Darth Nihilus vs Darth Sion" YouTube video is not the one featured in the mod. I should know as I'm the one that uploaded that video to YouTube. D) Stoney intends to have a TSLR
  13. Pressing Tab gives you first person viw but you can't movie with it. The thing I'm describing gives you both first person view and something similar to the No clipping" feature found in many games. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here it is in action in the first KOTOR: I'll try to post a link to a sample of the free-cam that was used on the Prima KOTOR2 DVD later on tonight. On the other thing, forgot I post on these forums about the Free Camera before - sorry about that!
  14. On the Prima DVD Guide for TSL, it appears that in the video walk-throughs that free camera was used through-out the entire DVD. I've heard that free camera exists in the X-Box version, but only from the top down view. Was the method used on the Prima Guide DVD available in either the PC or X-Box version and if so, how do I activate it? If not available, I was wondering why it may have been removed from the game? If any on involved in the actual production of the game would like to chime in, that would appreciated!
  15. On the Prima DVD Guide for The Sith Lords, it appears that in the video walk-throughs that the "free camera" was used through-out the production. (I've also seen free-camera used in IGN.com videos as well.) I've heard that free camera exists in the X-Box version of TSL, but only from the top down view. Was the method used on the Prima Guide DVD available in either the PC or X-Box version at any point and if so, how do I activate it?
  16. I've found lines not in the game and as far as I know - only exist on the Prima DVD Guide for TSL. Unless otherwise noted, there's music behind all of these. (If a line was found to be featured in a particular movie, I've put the movie in parentheses.) DVD - Alternate Lines 1
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