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    My hobbies are playing roleplaying games on computer like Pillars of Eternity, Neverwinter Night 2, Icewind Dale or Baldur's Gate saga. More recently I loved games such as Divinity Original Sin, Inquisitor, Wasteland II or Lords of Xulima. I also spend a lot of time on games such as Age of Wonders III, Warmachines Tactics or titles belonging to the Games Workshop license (Space Marine, Dawn of War II, Space Hulk & Blood Bowl).
  1. Currently no, but we are going to look into how much it would cost to get it subtitled. Hi Badler, You have news about the documentary subtitles, please?
  2. Thank you AndreaColombo, and.. happy to see you here !
  3. Thanks to developpers. What's new in v2.02.0749 ?
  4. Greetz, Until today I was on the BETA 2.0 of "Pillars of Eternity" but after bought the extension and installed the new files (about 2gb) the game version is now I checked the PoE "cache files" on steam and there are no problem. I checked to go back to the normal game version (without the 2.0 BETA files) and steam is now currently in downloading 4gb of new files. I Think there are a problem with this files update.. and I hope I will solve the situation ! Otherwise, congratulations for the "White March" release. I hope there will be many more !
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