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  1. There was a book series called "Deathlands" written by the group name "James Axler" that has a great post apocalyptic holocaust scenario that just ended its series of 125 books and graphic audio novles that would make a wonderful video game based on its story. It is currently owned by Harlequin books llc. If Obsidian wanted to create a new first person game, this would and should be the story it needs to be based off of and if it were done right, would blow the doors off the Fallout series. Imho
  2. You mean apart from the Wasteland series? Why would Obsidian do a post nuclear holocaust RPG when there are so many other apocalypses, so many other Science Fiction settings, completely untouched? How about a revival of Dark Sun? How about something in the vein of Planet of the Apes or Waterworld, how about something on a different planet entirely? Im thinking something a bit closer to home that would run along the lines of a more real world scenario on a larger continental scale for the mass multi players, instead of a one city platform built for a one man army against a glorified AI
  3. I think Obsidian should break away from Fallout all togeather and create its own post holocaust RPG game. A part of why Fallout is so huge is the fact that it is one of a kind
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